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When creativity strikes Back

Sustainability can be such an exhausting term. Rather contradictory don’t you think? We hear the word pretty much every time we turn our heads. I get the feeling that our issue with sustainability is that we as a species are … Continue reading

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Plastic – Working towards finding the Solution

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental challenges in front of us today and it is therefore extremely important to raise the right awareness about its usage, disposal and most importantly about the alternatives available. Two students from Hillwood Academy … Continue reading

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Create To Inspire (contd…)

After the last week’s post, we have received several emails and messages asking to reveal more information on what exactly is Create To Inspire School Program. This post is all about that. Create to Inspire School Program is an initiative … Continue reading

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The technology, environment and population growth create changes. This is the fact that improving technology has made our lives easier. Imagine what your day would be like without the internet, the automobile, or electricity. Teachers are well positioned to identify … Continue reading

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Can we Create To Inspire?

Working in a field like environment, we are often faced with this question – How and what can inspire people to work and make a difference? We do not mean to claim that we have found an answer, but it … Continue reading

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Remembering Captain Planet

When I was a kid, the tv channel cartoon network had just made its entry in India. This was brilliant for us kids, of course, because none of us had ever imagined watching cartoons 24 hrs a day. But what … Continue reading

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