Can we Create To Inspire?

Working in a field like environment, we are often faced with this question – How and what can inspire people to work and make a difference? We do not mean to claim that we have found an answer, but it seems that with our new program, we have certainly found a way to make the engagement process a lot more interesting.

Nokia Create To Inspire School Program is an attempt to use creative expressions of film making, photography, story telling, games, art installations to enable school teachers to start conversations around Sustainability and Sustainable consumption in their schools.

To understand our point well, watch this short film from Nitin Das, a noted film maker and also a mentor in this program:

The film asks a very simple question in the end, “How old are you?” and this simple question has the power to get your mind thinking. Moreover, while you are watching the film, you are hooked on to it to know what happens next. Very importantly, the film does not come across as one of those boring long films on environment. If we are watching this film with 20 people, this is bound to get some conversations started in that room. This in a way, is the essence of our school program.

Supported by Department of Environment, Delhi Government, GIZ and i-dream, this program is all about taking a leap of faith for all the stakeholders involved including the schools. And we believe it is time now to take the leap.

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