The technology, environment and population growth create changes. This is the fact that improving technology has made our lives easier. Imagine what your day would be like without the internet, the automobile, or electricity. Teachers are well positioned to identify the school-age children in the community, to encourage parents, to provide children with an interesting learning environment and to assist them with their educational problems and needs. Schools can play an important role in bringing about the changes in the lifestyle and psyche of the people. These school children can be agents to raise awareness in the community. School can provide a platform to the community for linking up with e-waste collection centers/ recyclers. Therefore now it is necessary to build up and deepen their knowledge base on this issue. Involvement with schools can help connect to families, public welfare associations, and other community agencies or organizations among others.

School students can reinforce and sensitize neighborhood in establishing an e-waste collection system in the city by promoting E-waste management activities like awareness campaigns, collection drives by sharing knowledge/information about e-waste reduction, collection, recycling and management. Long-term participation of the students, teachers with the community will encourage strong parental involvement towards e-waste management. This will increase participation of the community in e-waste management.

In context of E-waste Management, the motive of Create to Inspire School Program is to encourage community to maximize the impact at local level by organizing e-waste collection drive and awareness in Schools. This program provides a platform to the teachers and students to come up with innovative ideas and help the community to involve in e-waste management and channelize the collected e-waste to the authorize collection centers or recyclers for environmentally sound recycling of e-waste.




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