Create To Inspire (contd…)

After the last week’s post, we have received several emails and messages asking to reveal more information on what exactly is Create To Inspire School Program. This post is all about that.

Create to Inspire School Program is an initiative by Nokia and it is being run in collaboration with Department of Environment – Delhi Government, GIZ and i-dream. The objective of the program is:

  1. Use creative expressions like film making, photography, art installation etc to engage with school children in a manner which is fun, interactive and engaging so as to start a conversation on sustainable consumption in our schools
  2. Build capacity of our school teachers and give them tools which can help them to educate, impact and inspire their school children to adopt sustainability as a part of their lifestyle

You may ask us, why this campaign when there are several others talking about environment in schools. Well, here’s how we differ:

  1. Our focus is not to build awareness on environmental issues. That is a passe. Our focus instead is to talk about solutions, give action points to students and encourage them to do it. For eg: One key element of the program is the e-waste collection drive which will be organized by the schools. We are therefore making it easy for all stakeholders in the schools to collect their e-waste which will be taken by our teams and sent for recycling. Therefore, rather than just creating awareness, we are providing an action item
  2. The program completely moves away from the usual teaching pedagogies. We shall be using games, activities, role plays and creative expressions like film making, photography, art installations etc to make the whole process a lot more interesting, fun and engaging for the students and teachers in the school
  3. For the first time ever, here’s a program that focuses on building capacities of teachers. This, we believe is vital for the entire ecosystem to grow
  4. Again, the focus is to talk about Sustainability and Sustainable consumption rather than go back to the era of global warming, air pollution, water pollution etc

The program has already been initiated in over 130 schools in Delhi and while the first round of workshops happened in July, the second workshops are scheduled to happen in the last week of August.

To know more about the structure of the program , keep coming back to this blog. Our next post (to be out early next week), shall talk about the structure of the program and how this will be implemented in our schools. 

(the post is written by Rohit Prakash, founder i-dream. You can also follow the updates from our team at

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